The Movement


Waging War on Normal is more than a website or blog. It is a movement of uniquely passionate, creative, driven, and caring people working to live lives of significance to improve their own circumstances and the world around them. This is not a place for tire kickers or window shoppers. No, this movement is fueled by individuals willing to boldly take action in the direction of their dreams.


Why Am I Starting A War?

All to often I meet people who are dissatisfied with what they are doing with their lives and with the way they spend their days. Their lives lack passion and purpose and are mostly spent just reacting to what life throws at them. They are very busy but they are spinning their wheels. They spend the majority of their time and energy on things that do not matter to them.This is not how life was meant to be lived. Within each of us are unique talents, passions, and ideas that if allowed to grow can make us much happier and more fulfilled as individuals while also helping to contribute to the world.

Having a talent, passion, or idea is fine but it is not anything special. What is very special though is taking that talent, passion, or idea and forging it into something worthwhile through hard work, bold actions, and uncommon dedication.

Following what’s inside of your heart and turning a sloppy, unpolished idea or talent into a masterpiece is not easy. Far from it. It takes a special kind of bravery and a willingness to fight the resistance that you will inevitably face. Others who aren’t as brave will give you countless reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t be doing this. Even your own mind at times will try to convince you to just stay in the safe harbor of inaction rather than risk failure or rejection.

Waging War on Normal is about boldly fighting the resistance to pursuing, creating, and contributing that you will get from other people, circumstances and even from yourself! The average person these days is not very fulfilled and does not live a life of purpose. To start a small business or organization, write a book, or begin whatever project that excites you takes a willingness to create your own map and find your own way.

I started Waging War on Normal to help as many people as possible improve themselves and contribute their unique art to the world through creating and starting things that matter to them. I’d be honored for you to join the movement and begin making your own impact on the world today.


How Do I Join the Movement and Begin Waging My Own War?


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Step 2: Read and Comment on the Blog

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Step 3: Stay Connected.

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Step 4: Share.

I would like to help as many people as possible live lives of meaning and significance through the pursuit of worthwhile goals. Please help me wage this war by sharing with your friends. If you find the Blog helpful then I would be honored if you would tell your friends about it and help grow the movement so we can make an even greater impact on the world. The best way you can do this is by telling people about the site and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social media platform below.