Our 1 Year Anniversary Gift For You!


Exciting news!  Waging War On Normal is celebrating the one year anniversary of it’s Peak Performance Coaching Program.

We want to celebrate by giving you a FREE GIFT!

Over the course of the past year, working with many different business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives the topic of leadership development has come up again and again as one of the major challenges that leaders face.

So we’ve put together a guide covering 6 of the key elements of leadership that you need in order to achieve lasting success.

6 Elements of leadership SCREENSHOP

In the guide we discuss the following principles:

Being Future Oriented





Continual Improvement

The free guide covers each of the 6 principles and also gives you tips for effective implementation.

This resource is designed to be something that you can refer to quickly and often to continually remind yourself of these key leadership principles.

Included also is information on more in depth leadership training workshops, customized coaching programs, and information on how to get a copy of the Waging War On Normal 27 Step Leadership Development Checklist!

To get your free copy of this tool, simply send an email to robert@WagingWarOnNormal.com requesting your free copy today!

Thank you for being a part of the Waging War On Normal community by refusing to settle for the status-quo. And thanks for being a part of our coaching program’s 1 year anniversary celebration by requesting your free guide!


To schedule one of our leadership training workshops or to apply for the Peak Performance Coaching Program email robert@WagingWarOnNormal.com




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