How to start creating huge momentum today!

  1. Think – What’s the momentum for? What direction do you want to go? Where do you want to end up? Use a blank piece of paper and write down your ideas.
  2. Learn Quickly – This is easy with today’s technology. Find the best in the world at whatever you’re trying to do and spend a few hours studying them. Ask a coach, mentor, or expert for advice.
  3. Write down 10 actions you can take immediately – Pick action steps that you think will move you in the right direction
  4. Review Results – See what kind of response you get from the 10 actions you performed.  Analyze the results and respond as necessary.  What went well? What did not go well? What’s next?
  5. Repeat – Now you have the experience and the momentum of the first 10 actions.  Pick the next 10 and repeat the process.

3 – 2- 1 – GO!

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