The Secret To Doing Scary Things

scarythings“If I screw that up, I’d look pretty stupid”

“That’s gonna hurt”

“I’d like to do that, but I’m going to wait for a better time”

“It’s just not the responsible thing to do”

We come up with some pretty creative excuses to avoid doing things that scare us.

I’m not suggesting that we should do every single thing in life that scares us.  What I am saying though, is that there are very likely some scary things in all of our lives that we should do, but we are avoiding them simply because of fear.

So what is the secret to getting past the fear we have?

One key is to step into it!

Hint: This will be scary.

Do you think courageous men and women throughout history developed their courage by boldly staying in their comfort zone?

Heck no! The courageous willingly step into situations that make them tremble with fear.

By doing so, they find out some important things…

  • The anticipation of something scary, is usually far worse than the actual event
  • We humans are capable of a lot more than we often think
  • What holds us back more than anything is not our potential, but the limits we put on ourselves in our minds
  • Momentum builds as we continue to face things that scare us and over time we fear way less

So how do you start?

Pick something important to you that scares you. Today. And do it!

Start small if you want.

Feel the process.

Feel the fear.

Proceed anyway.

Struggle well.


Learn from your experience.



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