What are you chasing?




Having a hard time getting motivated about your goals?

Perhaps it’s because they are too small…

Maybe you are doing pretty well for yourself. You have a nice house, nice car, nice television, nice clothes. In short, nice things…

This is fine, but the only problem is that things are terrible long term motivators. Sure, they make you feel great initially, but eventually there’s an inevitable letdown.

Want to be really excited about your goals?

Set some that are bigger than just getting things.

Fighting for a belief, inspiring change, defending the defenseless, sharing a passion with the world… These are the types of goals that will keep you charged up.

The problem is that these types of goals take courage. They make you vulnerable. 

“If it were easy, everyone would do it” applies in this situation very well.  Look around though. Do your friends that are frantically running around chasing things seem to be truly fulfilled? I would guess not.

I think many of us are just in need of better goals.  What’s yours going to be?

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