How To Start.

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“If you don’t try, then you can’t fail”

How crazy does that sound?

Crazy or not, it’s how many people live their lives.  They fear failure so much that they will avoid starting something to avoid the possibility of failing.

Starting something new can be scary.

A new business, starting to exercise (again), a new relationship, a blog, a challenging adventure…

We all have things that we dream about starting. And if you do choose to start, then you might fail.


If you do not start, then you will fail.

Ultimately it comes down to what you value most.

Growth, experience, grit, character… These are all things that are developed when we start (and stick with it).

When you choose not to start then you avoid your fears of failing, being judged, and the possibility of looking foolish, but you are also choosing certain failure.

So how do you actually start?

You do it.  You buckle your chinstrap and get in the game.

There will be a learning curve and you might stumble some, but at least you’re in the game rather than standing on the sidelines!

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