7 Steps To Start Growing Now


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, 

  in order to learn how to do it.”

-Pablo Picasso

With age comes wisdom.

Well, not always…

All too often I meet people that seem to be stuck at the same levels of performance and thinking that they were at years ago.

So how do you avoid getting stuck where you are? How do you grow?

Here are 7 quick tips:

  1. Decide – It’s a choice, so make it.
  2. Get going – Start! As Napoleon Hill said “ It’s not what you’re going to do, but it’s what you’re going to do now that counts.”
  3. Invest in continual self improvement – Hire a coach, go to seminars, read books, listen to podcasts. Stay hungry!
  4. Don’t get caught up on past failures or accomplishments – In your car, the windshield is much larger than the rear view mirror because it’s much more important to focus on the present and the future than it is to only look back at the past.
  5. Develop an effective plan – Figure out what it’s going to take to get where you want to be and then be sure you are taking the proper steps to get there.
  6. Build in accountability – We all need it. Studies show that building accountability into your plan will greatly increase your odds of success.
  7. Do what it takes – Regardless of what you are pursuing, you can count on some road blocks along the way. Make your mind up in the beginning to confidently negotiate these obstacles as they pop up without loosing sight of your vision.

So what are you going to do today to start growing towards what you want to become?


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