The Next Big Adventure!

Many of you who know me have been asking what I’ve been up to since I left my wonderful and very fulfilling job at Iron Tribe Fitness…

Well, there are two parts to that answer. The first part is that I’ve been working on some exciting entrepreneurial opportunities that I plan on pursuing in the coming months (more on that later).

The second part (and the really Waging War on Normal part) is that I’ve been trying to figure out some type of really cool and challenging adventure that I could use to stretch myself while also having a once in a lifetime experience. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that I also wanted this adventure to be way bigger and about a lot more than just me.

So I began to brainstorm ideas.

I literally had pages of notes listing out different types of intense physical challenges and adventures ( I came up with some crazy ones), as well as a big list of possible charities/organizations that I was passionate about supporting.

As I thought about the adventure more, I realized that I wanted it to be epic. I wanted it to last more than a few hours or a few days even. Yes, I wanted to take a journey that would be a true adventure in every since of the word.

So after wrestling with it and narrowing down my list more and more I finally decided on taking a cross country bicycle trip. Immediately, tons of questions started popping into my head:

  • Which route will I take?
  • How many miles should I ride a day?
  • Where will I sleep?
  • What will I eat?
  • How will I find safe roads to travel on?
  • WIld animals?
  • What should I take?

These are just a few of the dozens of questions that I began to have. To be honest, I still don’t have all of the answers. I’ll do as much planning as possible before I leave in a few weeks and after that I’ll just have to figure it out as I go. That’s part of what makes it a true adventure!

I’ll be leaving from Birmingham, Alabama (for simplicity, since that’s where I live) and will be riding all the way to Montana where I will relax and regroup before moving on to life’s next big adventure!

Now, for the really exciting part of the trip…

I’m going to be partnering up with NeverThirst, an organization who’s mission I share a strong passion for.

The mission of NeverThirst is to provide clean and Living water to the poor through the local church in South Sudan, North Africa, Central African Republic, India, Cambodia, and Nepal.

These people are in such great need that it’s hard for you and I to even imagine the challenges that they struggle with daily just to survive! I’m extremely excited and passionate about partnering with readers like you to do as much as we can together to help alleviate as much of the suffering that goes on daily among these people!

I’ll be heading out in just a few weeks and will be sharing much more with you as I get ready to embark on this journey, and also all along the way. I will fill you in on more of the specific details of the trip as well as how you can best contribute to NeverThirst in the coming weeks.

I’d appreciate any support, guidance, and prayers that you can offer. This is going to be an exciting journey and I plan on sharing it all with you through pictures, videos, and blog posts, and possibly events along the way. So don’t worry, even if you can’t drop what you’re doing and peddle a couple of thousand miles with me, I’ll be sure to do my best to fill you in on all of the highlights (and the struggles) along the way!

Send an email to if you’d like to receive updates on my progress along the way and be sure to follow Waging War on Normal on Facebook and Twitter so that you can sit back and watch me stumble my way across the country 🙂

Please help me spread the word, and I look forward to taking this journey together!

– Robert
PS Sorry for the lack of pretty pictures that I was planning on adding to this post. WordPress was obviously experiencing “user error” 🙂


  1. Robert – We will be avidly awaiting every word you can send us! We applaud you and admire you. Think, and know always what you are doing — you really are putting your chips on the table. Good luck! We will be praying for you, every step of the way! Grandmother and George

  2. Good luck!! You can do it!

  3. Just heard of this from a site I was looking at after I read the book Radical. Excited to be on board…and looking forward to how the Lord will multiply this effort.

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