Don’t miss the DEADLINE!

Set a deadline!

That’s it.  Grab your calendar, pick a ship or drop dead date and write it in permanent marker.  Build in whatever slack time you feel comfortable with.  The important thing is to just pick that date!

Once you’ve done this then get to work. Now.

You’ll be amazed at the power of the deadline.  Deadlines can be scary because when you pick the date you probably won’t have all of the answers to your questions yet.  You’ll have to figure things out. You could fail.

But this fear will drive you to find solutions once you have your deadline set, because after all you have a deadline!

The ability to make something happen and to turn mere talk into a “shipped or completed project” is one of the most valuable skills that you can develop.

On deadline day you ship it.  Ready or not, perfect or not. It ships!

Try it today.  Pick that project or idea that you’ve been wanting to get around to “when you have time” and give it a deadline.

Then, get to work and ship it!

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